Game devolopment

Publex offers bespoke outsourced game development services. Our talented team is ready to guide your game from the concept to its release!

Full-cycle development
Our game outsourcing company develops games on a turnkey basis with a completely functional final product
Game Art production
Our team creates 2D and 3D art that will decorate your virtual world with excellent characters and environments
Game Animation
Skilled artists will animate for you complex 2D and 3D game assets that keep players engrossed in a gameplay
PC remain the major platform for games, especially for competitive projects. Our team knows how to make a game truly outstanding
Mobile games accounted for almost half of the worldwide game industry revenue. We support Android and iOS platforms
Development of top-notch games for the web. We are constantly improving our game development skills to offer you unrivaled services
Unity is the most popular game engine over the recent years. We will create a polished product for you
Unreal Engine
If your goal is to create a video game with stunning graphics, Unreal Engine is what you need
We believe that the true value of a partnership with us lies in full transparency of the development process and effective and regular communication
Top-notch quality
We focus on providing a high standard of quality in each project.
Extensive experience
Our team consists only of qualified, experienced and hardworking professionals.
Client-centric approach
We guarantee 100% that the team built for your project will be scalable and qualified to meet all deadlines. It's a result of clear communication and a focus on client needs.
Full package product
We guide your game from concept to release with a serious approach to work.
Long-term partnership
We act in your best interest from the first minutes of our cooperation. Our team will make sure that your game will be a success.
Outstanding end result
We strive to develop the best games that will be widely discussed by the gaming community and get millions of downloads.
We make everything with passion and love
2D Concept Art development
Gameplay, game development
2D Concept Art game development
3D art game development
Gameplay, game development
3D model, environment development
 2D art game development
2D art
Money Tree Interface
Writing game design documentation that includes: executive summary, gameplay, mechanics, game elements and assets.
Developing the balancing of the game and player progression, the creation of a framework of gaming environment that brings variety to the player's activity so that he can get an exciting gaming experience.
Art & Modelling
Modeling 2D and 3D objects, rig and skin to create a skeleton inside a character and determine how it should move and what restrictions it should have. Also animation of all created objects.
Developing of game mechanics:
  • the presence of objects in the game;
  • the actions of the characters and their interaction with each other;
  • creating a multiplayer game so that players can play with their friends.
Level Design
Greyboxing, lighting and scene optimization. Everything so that the game functions without errors, with the same frame rate on different devices and much more.
Quality Assurance
In order to verify the quality of the implementation of our project, we conduct tests on real devices and unit testing.
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