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TOP 5 Game Development Outsourcing companies

FEB 08, 2023
Are you struggling with finding a reliable technical partner to create a quality game? Check out the list of the top 5 game development companies to work with and choose the one that's right for you.

How to choose a game development company?

  • Experience: Consider the company's experience in developing games in your desired genre or platform. Look at the company's portfolio and read reviews from previous clients to get an idea of their expertise and quality of work.
  • Appropriate tech stack: Ensure that the company has the technical expertise required to develop your game, including experience with the technology you need such as game engines (e.g., Unreal Engine/Unity) and programming languages (e.g., C++/C#).
  • Portfolio: Experienced professionals who have worked on numerous projects should have a portfolio that contains at least 3-5 relevant projects. Pay attention to the styles and genres of games they have developed and make sure they match what you are looking for.
  • Strong collaboration skills: Good communication and collaboration involves working in a team of different professionals. Make sure the company you choose has a communication process in place between the developers who work on different parts of the game and the testers who will be returning reviewed lines of code for fixes.
  • Reputation: Check the company's reputation by getting feedback from previous clients and reading ratings and reviews on popular platforms (e.g. A good reputation is a strong indicator of a company's quality and reliability.
If the company you choose meets all of the above requirements, then you can safely hope for a successful game development

TOP 5 game development outsourcing companies

1. SkyHook
SkyHook Games a creative production house based in Liverpool, UK. delivering game art to companies worldwide. As an outsourcing partner, Skyhook is a reliable producer of simulation video games with 2D or 3D game art due to its veteran developer founders with 40 years of experience under their belt. Skyhook is also well-equipped with technical fixes and skilled artists that can bring any environment, character, or prop to life.

2. Starloop
Starloop Studios is a company known for delivering exceptional game art and player experiences. Based in Spain company has over 600 experts who can support you throughout the entire game development process, from prototyping to porting to quality assurance. The company has a wealth of experience, with over a decade in the industry and a vast portfolio of hundreds of cross-platform games.

ZVKY Design Studio is the leading game art outsourcing studio in Asia with a decade of experience in providing 2D art and animation, 3D game art, development services, and integration solutions across all platforms. A game art studio and development powerhouse have contributed to over 350+ games and apps in the last 12 years.

4. Juego
Juego Studio has expanded from being a game design company to a full-fledged technology venture dealing with AR/VR, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies. Their team includes some of the top game developers, AR/VR specialists, designers, artists, animators and technology experts in the industry.

5. Publex
Publex is a superior game development studio providing outsourced development services, game art and animation production of the highest quality. A relatively young company compared to its predecessors, has been wildly successful and is rapidly moving toward the goal of becoming the best outsourcer of game development services in Europe. Operating for 5 years, the company has assembled a strong team of professionals and successfully implemented various game projects.

Due to a wide portfolio of mobile, PC, and console games Publex specialists have in-depth experience with different genres, platforms and game engines, including their specific features.

The company provides a wide range of game services: full-cycle game development, game design, level design, UI/UX design, 2D art and animation, 3D modelling, games on Unity and Unreal Engine and more.
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Final thoughts

These are some of the top game development outsourcing companies that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality games. When choosing a game development outsourcing company, be sure to consider their experience, reputation, and quality of work, as well as their ability to deliver your game on time and on budget.
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